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Top Great Tourist Destinations in the North of Vietnam

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Vietnam is a diverse colorful country which rich history and great people. It has come a long way from its dark past. Now Vietnam has become one of the world’s most popular places to visit. It has been popular among Europeans as well as the western tourist because of its tropical climate, its green surroundings, and warm people. I will go on and rant about what I consider as some of the top great tourist destination in the North of Vietnam.

First, let us talk about Northern Vietnam and what is all the buzz about.

When looking for a great sunset view, why not visit the Halong Bay and admire the picturesque landscape. Most tourists who love the sunset, lovers, poets, photographers, and artists go to this serene place and admire its natural beauty. In Halong Bay, you can get to rent a kayak and explore caves or if you want you can try rock climbing. Their tour can have a single day or multiple days depending on your budget.

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Warm And Cool Mist Humidifier For Baby

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One of your first responsibilities when becoming a parent is to take care of the heath of your baby. The most important elements include providing a safe environment for your baby’s sensitive body, to begin with good nutrition and commitment to your lovely baby. It always is recommended to look for the most reliable brand when purchasing products for baby, by this way you can make sure that the quality and safety of the product is as your expectation, as it is demonstrated for babies on the research for decades. Baby humidifiers can offer extra protection and canensure air in any room be safe for your baby’s skin and lungs. We would like to give in this articlean overview of the humidifiersincluding the types, benefits, features and best brands in market and hope that it can help you find the best humidifier device for your baby.

2 types of humidifier for comparing

best humidifier for baby

We already prepared the list of humidifiers types as well as their advantages and disadvantages to support you in making decision on what is the best humidifier for your needs and also friendly to the environment.

Baby cool-mist humidifier

Actually a cool-mist humidifier for baby, particularly a pure ultrasonic cool mist humidifier should be cleaned each time before filling with water. Unless you keep practicing this, it will not stay disinfect and clean it with a little bleach, otherwise it will push bacteria growth that then can be blown into your lungs. This kind of humidifier should be thoroughly meticulously and carefully kept cleaned. Read More…

Why You Need An Inflatable Air Lounge?

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Inflatable air lounge is a promotional furniture which is a trendy, innovative and economical alternative to traditional advertising. It is created to customize your furniture for all your indoor or outdoor events. Comfortable, easy to transport and store, inflatable advertising furniture installs in a few seconds in your reception halls, relaxation areas, terraces: inflatable advertising sofa, armchair, ottoman, totem, arch, table … Do not lack air!

An inflatable air lounger can be ideal accessory for your outdoor activities such as beach trips, float pool, travel, festivals, barbecues, strolling in the park. Its ultra comfortable seat allows you to read or rest with maximum comfort! This inflatable lounge chair is large and comfortable when you use it but light and compact when folding.

best inflatable lounges

Relax at the pool or at the beach in a luxurious way with the help of a inflatable air lounge? It is absolutely possible. It is a real small inflatable lounge, to enjoy the water while keeping style. You can use the removable cloth sun visor to choose your amount of shade during the long summer days. This inflatable mattress is ideal for couples, you will have two with no problem. There are two inner tubes for added safety and two integrated cupholders for a quiet sipping of drinks. A rope surrounds the mattress to handle and climb effortlessly. It is easily and quickly deflated thanks to these removable valves, and you can store it in a reduced space without worries. Read More…

Why Should You Use Cloth Diapers For Your Baby?

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Because they are good for your baby

The likelihood of your child having problems with diaper rash and other irritation symptoms is much lower.

Because in the disposable diapers, a lot of chemistry is contained, which is directly on the sensitive skin of your baby. You do not take any risk with fabric diapers

Because it is cooler in cloth diapers than in disposable diapers – a fact that can be very important especially for small boys, so overheating the testicles is less likely.

Because fabric winds are much more breathing-active than disposable diapers. This makes them much better for the skin of your child. For the watertight layer, essentially two materials are used in cloth diapers: wool and PUL. The PUL (polyurethane laminate) is like modern outdoor materials and is breathable and waterproof! In my blog contribution to compare the respiratory activity of fabric winds against disposable diapers you will find a link to a very revealing video.


Because fabric diapers support the doctor’s recommended flexion-spreading position for a healthy development of the hip joints: the healthy development of the hips is permanently supported by the end of the diaper time. For more information, see my blog entry on the topic of wrap around. Read More…

Points To Be Considered When Buying And Using A Golf Driver

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Which head size is right for me?

The bat heads are measured by volume in cubic centimeters, the maximum limit being 460 cm. Almost all drivers on the market today are between 440 and 460 cm. Normally the 440 cm golf drivers are suitable for players with more ball feel and precision, but 460 cm are more forgiving. The shape of the bat head thereby varies vertically or horizontally and according to the degree of error forgiveness and the loft desired by the manufacturer.

What is the best departure angle for the golf driver?


Usually, you should get yourself a new golf driver before buying a new one. The question of the loft, which affects the nature and outcome of the event, will surely arise. There are many factors that influence the flight characteristics, but the most important ones are the ballspin and the departure angle. Optimal is a spin of 1700 revolutions per minute with a loft of 17 degrees, which is currently not possible at normal swing speeds. The current ideal is less than 3000 revolutions per minute with a loft of 10-12 depending on the beater head speed. Read More…

Top 5 Best Golf Swing Analyzer In The Market

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One of the tips to choose the good and suitable golf swing analyzer is to refer to other golfers’ reviews and opinions. Therefore, a list of top golf swing analyzer in 2016 recommended by professional golfers will give you some helpful suggestions for a new golf swing analyzer.


SkyGolf SkyPro Swing

The strongest point of SkyPro golf swing analyzer is the ability to give detailed information, especially in visual form. It could provide an illustration of your swing in 3D view from many angles and even a close-up view. Ease of use is an additional point of this swing analyzer because it won’t take you much time and effort to set up even if you are golfer at entry level. Furthermore, comparison function which could help you to compare your swings is useful to improve your performance. However, you have to pay a great amount of money (140 USD) for those amazing features of SkyPro golf swing analyzer.

Zepp golf swing analyzer

Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer

Zepp golf swing analyzer comes in square shape 28 mm x 28mm. It’s so small and lightweight that there is no adverse effect on your swing. However, there are many amazing functions inside this small device; it could give you a great deal of useful information and analyses which could be used for not only golf but also baseball, softball and tennis. Unlike other multi-function devices, Zepp golf swing analyzer is easy to use and read information because different functions and results are differentiated by color codes. The only drawback of this swing analyzer is that it doesn’t have attached manual but user has to look for it online. Read More…

17 Reasons Why We Love Cloth Diapers

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What Are Cloth Diapers?

Absorbent diapers are indispensable if you have a baby. Absorbent diapers are thin, soft cloths of soft cotton, where a baby’s skin is good at. Cloth diaper is ideal for use. They are easy to carry, they absorb a lot, dry quickly can be washed at 60 degrees and long-lasting.

Moreover, you can use it true for everything. A stack of diapers hydrophilic buy is not a luxury. Absorbent diapers are therefore the ideal baby shower gift, and you can buy them almost anywhere. We like to tell you the advantages of hydrophilic nappies and where they all can use.

You had ever heard of the term hydrophilic diapers, but that there are 16 (!) Of you were on stakeout list, did you but exaggerated. Now your baby arrives, you know better! 17 reasons why we love hydrophilic diapers.

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DeMarini CF8 Fastpitch Bats Review

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DeMarini is a U.S manufacturer of bats and sport equipment. In fact, it is the most popular softball bat brand in the market thanks to their innovation. In 2016, Demarini launched their DeMarini CF8 Fastpitch Bats and it has quickly become one of the best fastpitch softball bats of 2016.


DeMarini CF8 Fastpitch Softball Bat
DeMarini CF8 Fastpitch Softball Bat

DeMarini bats are always famous for its strong hitting power. And in this CF8 line, they are trying to build up that hitting power more by using Paradox Plus+ composite which is more powerful and effective than normal type of composite. In addition, the composite that make the handle of CF8 bat is strengthened with carbon in order to enhance the strength and reduce vibration. Read More…

9 Tips on How to Get Relationship on the Golf Course

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1. Set a good drive unheated

golf swing analyzer reviews

Make a few practice swings and then slowly put your ball a little higher than normal in the tee. Make the swing to 75% of its strength and concentrate on hitting the ball with the center of the face of the driver. Regardless of where the ball will note that it has not warmed up for his second shot so all, you can stretch while walking to his ball.

2. Organize a party Masters

Serve beer and sandwiches with cheese and pepper (to make the recipe can be found on the Internet). Make a club with your friends to 10 € bet to encourage the roost. Find some data before Golf Digest to surprise your guests.

3. Encourage your partner when you play like a dog

Have you ever seen a pair of Ryder Cup throwing reproachful looks or playing totally silent? Of course not, except for Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson in 2004, of course. The lesson: Never scold or argue with your partner. When he’s playing a bad hand on the shoulder or a pat on the back can do to change the situation.

4. Tell a story that is exciting golf

Here is a story of the game in person. Read and learn. My friend, you are bitten by a snake cascabel during our golf trip to Arizona. It was on the 4th hole of Screaming Cactus Country Club. His ball swerved, ended up in the desert and went to look. He not even cried. He ran back into the street, dropped the ball and played. The bite had left him two holes and one protruding one of the fangs of the snake. But despite everything, Stan wanted to finish playing the hole.

A player of our party called emergency. Doctors met us at the clubhouse -after completing the round. Stan could not play anymore the rest of the trip but is well. Retains the fang of the snake, it’s in his golf bag and says it gives luck.

To tell stories like this is important to do so in the first person as if it were happening now and not extend more than two minutes. Read More…

 3 Ways To Get A Better Sleep During Pregnancy

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It is undeniable that sleep plays an important role in our physical healthy and getting enough quality sleep helps our body stronger and more flexible. Pregnant mother should have enough quality sleep than any people. However, most pregnant mothers find difficult to experienced good sleep at night. It is not good for both mother and baby. Understanding their problem, I post this article to sharing some tips that help pregnant mother have deep sleep every night. My experience is not much so if you have any advice about this topic, please do not hesitate to share your ideas by giving your comment on this post.

sleep well during pregnancy

Avoid Too Long Naps

Firstly, I advise that pregnant mother should minimize daytime sleeping hours as it may affect your sleep at night. 30 minutes to 60 minutes nap in daytime is enough as if you sleep many hours in daytime, you will find it is difficult to sleep at night and you will feel tired too. Furthermore, you should keep a regular sleep schedule as it is the best way to have a good night.

Reduce Stress And Depression

Secondly, during pregnant period, mothers should reduce stress as stress tends to influence their sleep. Stress or depression during pregnancy is very harmful in many aspects and they can affect your sleep. If you feel stressful before sleeping, I advise that you should have a slow walking about 20 minutes as It help you release stress easily. This will also help you sleep better. Besides, pregnant mothers should avoid heavy meals before going to bed. In the evening, you should have light meal and should have dinner at least 3 hours before going to bed. Moreover, although exercise is healthy but doing exercise before going to bed in pregnant period is so terrible as it can delay your sleep. However, if you do yoga or meditation before going to bed you can easily fall in sleep.

Use A Pillow To Support Your Sleep

Finally, I think you should use pregnancy pillow. This type of pillow is very useful and convenience for the pregnant mother. As it helps you shaped your body comfortably. Pregnant pillows or maternity pillows are advised to be used by doctors as they bring about a lot of benefits for pregnant mother. A best pregnancy pillow will help ensure your legs are well positioned during sleep so that you always feel comfortable during night. Nowadays, there are many kind of pregnancy pillow with different size and shape. Therefore, before making a purchase, you should choose the best suitable pillow for your body. This pillow is a wonderful investment for pregnant mother. If you can sleep well at night, you will awake your partner too, so with this pregnancy pillow you will have a good sleep.

In conclusion, above is my sharing about effective ways to getter better sleep. If you applied these tips, you still find difficult to sleep, you should visit doctors as soon as possible. I suppose that doctors will give you useful advice to improve your sleep significantly.