What Are Cloth Diapers?

Absorbent diapers are indispensable if you have a baby. Absorbent diapers are thin, soft cloths of soft cotton, where a baby’s skin is good at. Cloth diaper is ideal for use. They are easy to carry, they absorb a lot, dry quickly can be washed at 60 degrees and long-lasting.

Moreover, you can use it true for everything. A stack of diapers hydrophilic buy is not a luxury. Absorbent diapers are therefore the ideal baby shower gift, and you can buy them almost anywhere. We like to tell you the advantages of hydrophilic nappies and where they all can use.

You had ever heard of the term hydrophilic diapers, but that there are 16 (!) Of you were on stakeout list, did you but exaggerated. Now your baby arrives, you know better! 17 reasons why we love hydrophilic diapers.

best cloth diapers

1. Multipurpose Cloths

They are called hydrophilic diapers but are hydrophilic materials. You use them for all kinds of accidents.

  • Wipe mouth? Hydrophilic nappy!
  • Leaking collecting milk? Hydrophilic nappy!
  • Bottle drop? Hydrophilic nappy!

2. The towels are ideal for your baby

Hydrophilic diapers vs. Towel and baby towel? Hydrophilic diaper wins as ‘baby towel’ a regular sheet.

3. You always have a clean surface with you

Do you need to visit your childless friend with its design stuff in the living room, change a diaper? Leave a hydrophilic diaper down and change your baby with confidence. You go to the park, but you do not bring very decent? Lay your baby on a hydrophilic diaper!

4. They protect your baby from the sun

Hydrophilic nappy protects baby in pram against the sun

Hang the hydrophilic diaper on the stroller or car window (clamp the cloth between the window) and you have a lovely shade.

5. Your baby can sleep under it

If it is too hot for a real blanket, the hydrophilic diaper serves as a summer blanket.

6. Your baby can sleep on it

Folded into a triangle under your child’s head, the hydrophilic diaper protects the linen (babies often spit a little milk). The diaper changed every day, are you sure that your child lies on a sanitary surface. Moreover, you also need a lot less likely to change the entire cradle!

7. You always have a bib on hand

Hydrophilic nappy to use as well as the bib. Hydrophilic nappy in the shirt and you have a bib. Not always unnecessary.

8. You can easily hydrophilic diapers take

best cloth diapers

They are light and take only space. You put them at the bottom of the stroller. She stops in the diaper bag or even in your regular handbag.

9. They are also diapers

They are paintings, but they are called diapers. That is not for nothing. You can use it as actually as diapers (in combination with an over pants).

10. It is a useful tool when changing

Do you have a boy? Put the hydrophilic cloth on his pecker. If he pees, you’re always safe.

11. They are the bargain of the expansion list!

No item on the list expands as you often use and is so cheap! A simple white hydrophilic diaper you have for about a euro each.

12. They are hip!

Hydrophilic diapers come in all sizes, colors and patterns. Okay, they are slightly less cheap, but you do not have such an annoying white cloth.

13. She was a lot of care

Baby spits on shirt father

provide a hydrophilic diaper on the shoulder to burp can be wide.

14. The laundry has never been so easy!

You can usually wash diapers hydrophilic to 90 degrees, can fit dozens had one, and they are rapidly dried.

15. They are the first toy

A baby sees the hydrophilic diapers so often that he is going to attach to it. It is not long before he goes to grab or sable en it.

16. They have a second life!

Hydrophilic diapers used as cleaning cloths. Once you no longer need hydrophilic nappies for your child are the ideal cleaning materials.

17. Because people without children do not understand it

As ignorant as you were, are others. Poor souls!