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Bushnell NEO XS – Best golf GPS for you

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Bushnell NEO XS – Best golf GPS for you

Bushnell is a popular brand among golf players for its high quality golf equipment. As for me, I have fallen in love with Bushnell right from the first time I used its product. And it has never disappointed me. When it comes to golf GPS watches, I also put my faith in this brand. I choose Bushnell NEO XS to go with me to every golf game. This is the best golf GPS watch I have ever used. Before I bought this Bushnell NEO XS, I had already known that it is a very good golf gps watch. But when I used it, it really surprised me. It is just too good compared to all the other golf gps watches. I have to stress again and again that it is the best golf gps watch on the market today.

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Archive for May 2016

Slowpitch Softball Bats Care and Tips

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DeMarini The One 2015 Slowpitch Softball BatIn general, the barrel diameter of a slowpitch softball bat is defined exactly at 2 ¼ inches, while its length can vary from 33 to 36 inches (34 on average). Bats used in this kind of sport can weigh about 26 – 30 ounces and can be easily used by both male and female players of all ages and level. Depending on personal hobby and playing purpose, there are several kind of slowpitch softball bats for players to choose, including ones that are made from wood, aluminum, composite or two materials among these with the proportion of half-half. If you are going to buy one, remember to check if it is approved by the organization or even your team which you play for. You may read the rules and regulations issued by ASA, USSA, ISA, NSA,… for sure.


Break-in is the period in which a new piece of equipment is conditioned to adjust to running or performing at its peak for the rest of its working life. In terms of slowpitch softball bats, you do not need to break in all of them to have the best slowpitch softball bats. Bats that are made of aluminum material have been able to perform at full efficiency already as taken out of the wrapper, whereas a composite one may require you to spend time giving it about 100 – 150 hits to be broken in and increase its quality. Many people worry the life span of softball bats would be reduced during the break-in period. However, they will find that it is none of a problem because you do not need to use full power to make a softball bat perform at full potential. It will not also take long to break in a softball bat (less than an hour), but you should have a teammate around to help you with this procedure.


best fastpitch softball batsThe temperature-related factor can make even best slowpitch softball bats more susceptible to damage. According to popular belief, bats made of composite materials are more likely to be affected by temps than alloy ones. But in fact, it turns out that of whatever materials slowpitch softball bats made, they will show a tendency towards vulnerability at lower temperatures, especially below 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, players are advised against using softball bats in cold weather to avoid damaging them as well as maintain their best performance. However, there is still no information about whether high temperature increases the risk of damage or what level at which the temperature exceeds the bats’ resistance.

Besides, there are other factors that can affect your bat’s performance, for example, humidity. A ball in humid air may become heavier than in dry air, making it harder for a pitcher to hit the ball with a bat.

More tips

  • Try to minimize the number of users to increase the lifespan of your bat, because it depends largely on the quality of the hits that your bat creates.
  • Avoid other external factors relating to the balls used in the games that can cause damages to your bats, such as dimpled balls or case