Which head size is right for me?

The bat heads are measured by volume in cubic centimeters, the maximum limit being 460 cm. Almost all drivers on the market today are between 440 and 460 cm. Normally the 440 cm golf drivers are suitable for players with more ball feel and precision, but 460 cm are more forgiving. The shape of the bat head thereby varies vertically or horizontally and according to the degree of error forgiveness and the loft desired by the manufacturer.

What is the best departure angle for the golf driver?


Usually, you should get yourself a new golf driver before buying a new one. The question of the loft, which affects the nature and outcome of the event, will surely arise. There are many factors that influence the flight characteristics, but the most important ones are the ballspin and the departure angle. Optimal is a spin of 1700 revolutions per minute with a loft of 17 degrees, which is currently not possible at normal swing speeds. The current ideal is less than 3000 revolutions per minute with a loft of 10-12 depending on the beater head speed. Read More…