Because they are good for your baby

The likelihood of your child having problems with diaper rash and other irritation symptoms is much lower.

Because in the disposable diapers, a lot of chemistry is contained, which is directly on the sensitive skin of your baby. You do not take any risk with fabric diapers

Because it is cooler in cloth diapers than in disposable diapers – a fact that can be very important especially for small boys, so overheating the testicles is less likely.

Because fabric winds are much more breathing-active than disposable diapers. This makes them much better for the skin of your child. For the watertight layer, essentially two materials are used in cloth diapers: wool and PUL. The PUL (polyurethane laminate) is like modern outdoor materials and is breathable and waterproof! In my blog contribution to compare the respiratory activity of fabric winds against disposable diapers you will find a link to a very revealing video.


Because fabric diapers support the doctor’s recommended flexion-spreading position for a healthy development of the hip joints: the healthy development of the hips is permanently supported by the end of the diaper time. For more information, see my blog entry on the topic of wrap around. Read More…