1. Set a good drive unheated

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Make a few practice swings and then slowly put your ball a little higher than normal in the tee. Make the swing to 75% of its strength and concentrate on hitting the ball with the center of the face of the driver. Regardless of where the ball will note that it has not warmed up for his second shot so all, you can stretch while walking to his ball.

2. Organize a party Masters

Serve beer and sandwiches with cheese and pepper (to make the recipe can be found on the Internet). Make a club with your friends to 10 € bet to encourage the roost. Find some data before Golf Digest to surprise your guests.

3. Encourage your partner when you play like a dog

Have you ever seen a pair of Ryder Cup throwing reproachful looks or playing totally silent? Of course not, except for Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson in 2004, of course. The lesson: Never scold or argue with your partner. When he’s playing a bad hand on the shoulder or a pat on the back can do to change the situation.

4. Tell a story that is exciting golf

Here is a story of the game in person. Read and learn. My friend, you are bitten by a snake cascabel during our golf trip to Arizona. It was on the 4th hole of Screaming Cactus Country Club. His ball swerved, ended up in the desert and went to look. He not even cried. He ran back into the street, dropped the ball and played. The bite had left him two holes and one protruding one of the fangs of the snake. But despite everything, Stan wanted to finish playing the hole.

A player of our party called emergency. Doctors met us at the clubhouse -after completing the round. Stan could not play anymore the rest of the trip but is well. Retains the fang of the snake, it’s in his golf bag and says it gives luck.

To tell stories like this is important to do so in the first person as if it were happening now and not extend more than two minutes.

5. Play 18 holes in less than 3 hours

You will need almost no people in the field and be fit, like his fellow party. From tee to green forget about rangefinder, do not practice swings and remember that whenever you’re not hitting the ball should be walking. On the greens, you can not bend over to read the fall. Do not check the ball and be generous in granting putts. You see how he manages.

6- Blows chip without hurting anyone

Remember the signs of “no chipping” on the greens Practice? They are not put there to protect the grass but to prevent any player wants to emulate Phil Mickelson and instead give you a bozo those who are practicing on the putting green. Use common sense. Never attempt the ball to roll more than a meter or point to a goal that is more than 3 meters away. And for heaven’s sake, do not try to do what makes Mickelson let alone try to play left-handed.

7- Bet by a local player

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Golf is one of the most open sports there when betting which player will win a tournament but note some data such as which player is the place where the championship is held. Playing against his people, his family, his friends and his fans supporting him is a plus. There is nothing like playing at home to win.

8- Break the ice when you join a group

Be courteous and polite, as if they were his guests. Keep the conversation smoothly, at least initially. You can ask some questions like: Is the first time you play the field? How long have you played with this driver ago? It is a wonder.

9- Earn points for his wife does not mind to play on Saturday

Our real intention is to let him play on Saturday and Sunday, but we must go slowly, so here’s the plan: 1 came home 30 minutes earlier than promised and never late. 2 But as you get home, go straight to the kitchen and start washing dishes. 3 Give the 40 € which won the previous game and said, “I earned this because thanks to you I am a happy golfer.”