DeMarini is a U.S manufacturer of bats and sport equipment. In fact, it is the most popular softball bat brand in the market thanks to their innovation. In 2016, Demarini launched their DeMarini CF8 Fastpitch Bats and it has quickly become one of the best fastpitch softball bats of 2016.


DeMarini CF8 Fastpitch Softball Bat
DeMarini CF8 Fastpitch Softball Bat

DeMarini bats are always famous for its strong hitting power. And in this CF8 line, they are trying to build up that hitting power more by using Paradox Plus+ composite which is more powerful and effective than normal type of composite. In addition, the composite that make the handle of CF8 bat is strengthened with carbon in order to enhance the strength and reduce vibration.


As being made of high-quality composite, CF8’s price is quite high, ranging from 279$ to 450$. However, it’s considered a reasonable price thanks to its numerous innovations and amazing performance.

Different models

CF8 Fastpitch Softball Bats have 7 models with different specifications that could fit difference players.

CF8 -8oz

This model is the heaviest in entire CF8 line. Therefore, it’s more suitable to players who have better strength to swing the bat to reach required speed or to be used in professional leagues.

CF8 -9oz

High school or college players are advised to use this model because it’s less heavy and easier to control weight distribution and swing speed than -8oz model.

CF8 INSANE End Loaded -10oz

10oz is end-loaded fastpitch softball bat which weight is distributed more towards the end of the barrel. It’s recommended for powerful hitters.

CF8 Balanced -10oz

This model is the most popular in CF8 line. 10oz balanced model could create better weight balance. As a result, players could reach higher swing speed and have more control of the bat.

CF8 HOPE -10oz

It’s hard to find this model in the market now because it is special edition with only 2,000 bats distributed. CF8 Hope was launched in cooperation with Breast Cancer Research Foundation for charity purpose. A part of profit from selling this limited model has been donated to breast cancer research.


This model has 14” long barrel which helps players to have best control of the bat. It’s perfect for lefty slappers.

CF8 -11oz

11oz is the lightest model in CF8 line. Therefore, it could help players, especially younger ones, to achieve higher swing speed and better control. Besides, DeMarini also provides customers with 6 different sizes of this model, so players could choose the bat that could perfectly fit them.

Warranty policy

Although DeMarini CF8 Fastpitch Bats are composite bats which are already well-known for its impressive durability, DeMarini still offers 1 year warranty for customers.

League approval

Most of products in CF8 line are approved to use in major and high school-college leagues. However, it’s better to check each league’s criteria before choosing bat.

Thanks to cutting-edge technology that DeMarini applied in developing this line of products, 2016 DeMarini CF8 Fastpitch Softball Bats are considered the best ones in the market. It’s worth-buying for every player from amateur to professional ones.