Vietnam is a diverse colorful country which rich history and great people. It has come a long way from its dark past. Now Vietnam has become one of the world’s most popular places to visit. It has been popular among Europeans as well as the western tourist because of its tropical climate, its green surroundings, and warm people. I will go on and rant about what I consider as some of the top great tourist destination in the North of Vietnam.

First, let us talk about Northern Vietnam and what is all the buzz about.

When looking for a great sunset view, why not visit the Halong Bay and admire the picturesque landscape. Most tourists who love the sunset, lovers, poets, photographers, and artists go to this serene place and admire its natural beauty. In Halong Bay, you can get to rent a kayak and explore caves or if you want you can try rock climbing. Their tour can have a single day or multiple days depending on your budget.

At night you may have your cozy stay at Cat Ba Island where there are multiple good hotels and lots of restaurants. For extra information, Cat Ba Island is home to many endangered species such as the giant black squirrel, leopard cat, and the golden-headed langur.

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The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi. Hanoi is not too modern in its ambiance, in fact, you will get the feeling that you are just in a small city. Although the streets are congested and there are plenty of people, the rural feeling is because of its surroundings. It is surrounded by lots of green surroundings like parks, lakes, traces of old pre-colonial and colonial structures. Hanoi may not be as chaotic as Saigon but it has its own charm.

You will get to explore lots of beautiful and historic places like the Old Quarters, the Opera House which is famous for its Art Nouveau style. You can even go and see the Hoa Lo Prison also known as the Hanoi Hilton, this is where American prisoners were held. Also in this area, you will get to see a very important Buddhist Temple know as the Quan Su Pagoda. When it comes to cuisine, you will get a kick at Hanoi city for its exquisite Vietnamese dishes like the spicy fried fish called Cha Ca, their bean sprouts, chicken or beef noodles better known as Pho.

The Old Quarters in Hanoi

When you visit Northern Vietnam do not forget to see their water puppet show which is really entertaining. The big wood puppets are manipulated behind the curtains and are painted colorfully, they depict traditional tales of Vietnam while on the surface of the water.

When you travel north to the Highlands, you will be welcomed by cold weather. Most travelers seek adventure to the Tonkinese Alps and visit the native of the place. There are lots of ethnic minorities in that area that travelers can meet and interact. To go this place, you will have to travel from Sapa to Dao a hill tribe, Tay villages or Hmong. From there you will need to hire a tour guide. Never underestimate having a good tour guide. They will help you understand the place, the people, their customs, and tradition and like my previous article, trekking without a guide is considered illegal. One good thing also of having a tour guide is that they are well versed in English. Also, there are many things that you need to consider when trekking, like some ethnic minorities, don’t like to be taken photos of and it is considered rude. You need to ask permission almost most of the time so that they won’t consider you are rude or disrespectful.

Sapa market

If you came to visit Northern Vietnam you will enjoy it best from September to November because by that time is the harvesting area of rice. You will get to be surrounded by green and luscious rice terraces that span the whole Mount Fansipan.


Another place to visit in northern Vietnam is found in North Central Vietnam. Not many tourists go to this place because it is not as famous as its counterpart but it is definitely a looker. Here you will be sure to love its natural beauty and rich culture. Here you will get to see Kenh Ga, which is a floating village where villagers and merchants trade goods over the water. You can also see the first National Park of Vietnam which was established in 1962 called the Cuc Phuong National Park. If you are a bird watcher, this place is also a good place to do your hobby. This place is the home of about 300 bird species.

The last place I would recommend for you to visit is Vinh which can be found further to the south. This is the birthplace of Ho Chi Minh. If you don’t know who he is the reason why Vietnam had claimed independence from French colonialism; he also becomes the President as well as the prime minister of Vietnam.