One of your first responsibilities when becoming a parent is to take care of the heath of your baby. The most important elements include providing a safe environment for your baby’s sensitive body, to begin with good nutrition and commitment to your lovely baby. It always is recommended to look for the most reliable brand when purchasing products for baby, by this way you can make sure that the quality and safety of the product is as your expectation, as it is demonstrated for babies on the research for decades. Baby humidifiers can offer extra protection and canensure air in any room be safe for your baby’s skin and lungs. We would like to give in this articlean overview of the humidifiersincluding the types, benefits, features and best brands in market and hope that it can help you find the best humidifier device for your baby.

2 types of humidifier for comparing

best humidifier for baby

We already prepared the list of humidifiers types as well as their advantages and disadvantages to support you in making decision on what is the best humidifier for your needs and also friendly to the environment.

Baby cool-mist humidifier

Actually a cool-mist humidifier for baby, particularly a pure ultrasonic cool mist humidifier should be cleaned each time before filling with water. Unless you keep practicing this, it will not stay disinfect and clean it with a little bleach, otherwise it will push bacteria growth that then can be blown into your lungs. This kind of humidifier should be thoroughly meticulously and carefully kept cleaned.

Babywarm-mist humidifier

A baby warm-mist humidifier operate by boiling water into the steam. This actionwill sterilize the water before dispersing it into the air. Almost all humidifiers will be clogged by tap water with minerals in it especially if it’s hard. Therefore, we suggest that you shouldchoose distilled water at the price of approximately $ 1 per gallon which can be bought at the supermarket.

Always be noted that the most essential element for all baby humidifiers is their characteristic of cleanliness. Cleaning the humidifier every day with a 10% bleach solution by 1 part bleach to 9 parts water is one of the most effective ways to clean it.

Baby humidifiers are choices to be a great help for newborns, toddlers and all those who are congested because of dry conditions. If dry climates is of 2% to 20% outdoor humidity, it means that the interior is the same. During winter, the heat sources are on and this makes the air inside become drier. Wet climates with up to 100% moisture outdoors will not keep this humidity level indoors when they turn on the heat. Air conditioners also remove moisture, making the inside dry and humidifiers can work with the operation of air conditioning too.

Differences in types of humidifiers


We have prepared for you the primary differences in the types of humidifiers (warm-mist humidifier and cool-mist humidifier) ​​as well as advantages and disadvantages for both. We believe it will be easier for you to consider and make the best decision for what kind of humidifier you need.

There are no big differences in the way a humidifier operates with either warm or cool-mist humidifier. In the same they both work way extremely well to make the air humidified.

There is no significant difference in temperature when the mist of the warm- mist humidifier touches the skin of your baby or reaches the lungs. The temperature will not change and still maintain the same as it is in the room.