Inflatable air lounge is a promotional furniture which is a trendy, innovative and economical alternative to traditional advertising. It is created to customize your furniture for all your indoor or outdoor events. Comfortable, easy to transport and store, inflatable advertising furniture installs in a few seconds in your reception halls, relaxation areas, terraces: inflatable advertising sofa, armchair, ottoman, totem, arch, table … Do not lack air!

An inflatable air lounger can be ideal accessory for your outdoor activities such as beach trips, float pool, travel, festivals, barbecues, strolling in the park. Its ultra comfortable seat allows you to read or rest with maximum comfort! This inflatable lounge chair is large and comfortable when you use it but light and compact when folding.

best inflatable lounges

Relax at the pool or at the beach in a luxurious way with the help of a inflatable air lounge? It is absolutely possible. It is a real small inflatable lounge, to enjoy the water while keeping style. You can use the removable cloth sun visor to choose your amount of shade during the long summer days. This inflatable mattress is ideal for couples, you will have two with no problem. There are two inner tubes for added safety and two integrated cupholders for a quiet sipping of drinks. A rope surrounds the mattress to handle and climb effortlessly. It is easily and quickly deflated thanks to these removable valves, and you can store it in a reduced space without worries.

If you go to a party around the pool, in the park, or skiing you ought to take this inflatable lounge with you. It allows you to prefer in absolute comfort.  Inflatable, easy to install, movable: everything becomes a breeze thanks to this very nice inflatable lounge chair.

You don’t know how to use it? Okay, I show you

Easy to use and no pump required. Just 2 measurements of air and air Lounge is ready to use.

  1. If it’s windy out congratulations to you, you can quickly inflatable.
  2. If there is no wind? It can be a bit difficult.

You need to run 10 meters 3. The Roll sealing tape at least 3 times or will leak air.

How to buy a good air lounge?

Please note that a good inflatable sofa has been manufactured out of durable nylon and PVC fabric, it can withstand 300 kg, it’s almost 299.4 kilogram, which means you do not need to worry it even if 4 adults sit on it at the same time.

When buying air lounge online, the most important are the product evaluations of real buyers. If these are under 3 stars, we advise against a purchase. Read a few reviews of inflatable sofa and get a picture of the product and the seller of inflatable sofa. The ratings can be found at the end of the product page. Take the time to compare prices, reviews and delivery terms. Then make your decision.