Vietnam is a diverse colorful country which rich history and great people. It has come a long way from its dark past. Now Vietnam has become one of the world’s most popular places to visit. It has been popular among Europeans as well as the western tourist because of its tropical climate, its green surroundings, and warm people. I will go on and rant about what I consider as some of the top great tourist destination in the North of Vietnam.

First, let us talk about Northern Vietnam and what is all the buzz about.

When looking for a great sunset view, why not visit the Halong Bay and admire the picturesque landscape. Most tourists who love the sunset, lovers, poets, photographers, and artists go to this serene place and admire its natural beauty. In Halong Bay, you can get to rent a kayak and explore caves or if you want you can try rock climbing. Their tour can have a single day or multiple days depending on your budget.

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